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I'm going to be on the BBC's "Thinking Allowed" program tomorrow at 11 AM EST, 4 PM London time. In case you haven't guessed, I'll be talking about my book.

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mgroves writes:

Will this be aired anywhere in the US? If not, would it be possible to get a video of it elsewhere (Google Video, etc)?

Bryan Caplan writes:

I'll post an update once I know.

vintner writes:

Listen live on the net. Go to

and click on the "listen live" button. You'll get an admirable "radio tuner" that lets you listen to any BBC radio station. Don't miss exploring the new all-digital BBC7 radio

for a magnificent selection from BBC radio archives of the last 50 years--comedy, drama, poetry, and much more (starting approximately with Spike Milligan, Harry Secombe, and Peter Sellers in The Goon Show).

You may never get back to listening to Caplan. But no problem--all shows (on both stations) are available under the "Listen Again" button for a period of 7 days after transmission.

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