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Transporting Success

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Over at Free Exchange, I ask "What's the best way to transport success?":

Purely hypothetically, suppose you’ve written a pretty successful book published by Princeton University Press, and been favorably profiled in The New York Times Magazine and The Economist.

Now you want to leverage that success to break into a rather different field. Hypothetically, let’s suppose that you want to get your original graphic novel, a superhero mystery called Amore Infernale, illustrated and published.

What’s my best strategy?

Oops, I mean “What’s your best strategy?”

Yes, the complete second draft is now up. I asked readers at Free Exchange to evaluate four strategies (see the full post), and suggest others. What do you think?

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dearieme writes:

Consider changing the title.

David Friedman writes:

Funny you should ask that.

I posted to Usenet asking how I could find an artist to do a decent map for the novel I had written and got a response from an artist who both wanted to do that sort of map and was apparently a fan of my nonfiction. The artist offered to do the map in exchange for one copy of each of my books of which I had a spare copy; you can see the result at:

Perhaps you could link up with an illustrator in a similar fashion.

So far as using nonfiction reputation to get an agent or a publisher for fiction, my experience is not encouraging.

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