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Victims of Communism Dedication Tomorrow

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The Victims of Communism Memorial will be dedicated tomorrow in Washington, D.C. This is a great chance to set the record straight, and remember the greatest totalitarian disaster of human history.

I wish they had worthier headline speakers than a pair of statists like President Bush and Representative Lantos. I'd rather listen to Richard Pipes and Thomas Szasz. Still, it's no small consolation that this monument to Communist oppression was funded entirely by private donations.

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That a monument dedicated to the victims of communist oppression is voluntarily funded with private money is perhaps the most beautiful monument of all.

Fergus O'Rourke writes:

First a war on one abstraction, now a monument to victims of another one. (I presume that it will take the form of a hologram ?) What next ? "Drink Intoxication !" "Eat nutrition !"Looking for a date ? Try feminism !" (I don't recommend that one - especially not to females, but they might try androgyny)Sheesh !

dearieme writes:

The quotation it ought to bear is Robert Conquest's "I Told You So, You Fucking Fools".

David J. Balan writes:

Why would it be a bad thing if the memorial had been funded by the government?

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