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Who Wants Tyler To Be A Millionaire?

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Quick followup on my first guest post for the Economist:

I wrote this on Sunday night, when the Amazon rank for Discover Your Inner Economist was about #40,000:

Fun as Lott, Frank, and Landsburg’s books are, I don’t expect to see them hit the best-seller list. They’re interesting, edifying, and well-written, but they come up short on the “cuteness” factor you need to need to make it to the top. And that’s where I believe legendary blogger (and my frequent lunch buddy) Tyler Cowen has an edge.

Monday morning, Tyler began his marketing blitz with the announcement of his secret blog. Within hours his Amazon rank climbed to about #200.

So has Tyler written the next Freakonomics? For now, I say there's a 10% chance that he clears a million dollars on this book. But I'd love to see that outcome become a certainty.

So do your part for the blogsphere, pre-order, and start getting your daily dose of Tyler's secret blog...

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Fundamentalist writes:

I hope Tyler makes a million bucks on his book, but I think he doomed it by including the work "economist" in the title. I have learned over the years that nothing but a good fart can clear a room faster than mentioning economics or economists. If you want to sell books, you have to use the word "money" or "wealth" or some synomym.

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