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The Angst of Economics?

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The New York Magazine profiles Tyler's new book. My favorite part:

Cowen’s book does run up against another kind of scarcity. There are not enough economic tricks that distill neatly into interesting advice. When he discusses the techniques for motivating your dentist, like giving them a bonus for cavities well filled, he ends with, “I don’t think I can control my dentist or receive the very best care. By giving up this quest for control, however, I might get care that is just a little better than average.” Is that our Inner Economist talking, or our Inner Beaten-Down Dude?
But I know what the NY doesn't: Tyler's just counter-signaling. Unlike Keynes, Tyler doesn't aspire to be as useful as a dentist. He's so high on economics, he can safely pretend to be in thrall to the guy who keeps his teeth clean.

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Lee writes:

Small correction: it's New York Magazine, not New York Times Magazine.

[Thanks, Lee. I've fixed it now.--Econlib Ed.]

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