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I had a stimulating, well-reasoned interview with noted liberal activist and ordained minister Barry Lynn, host of "Culture Shocks." I continue to be surprised by the bipartisan reaction to my book - has Bush inadvertently opened liberal eyes to the folly of the median voter?

I'm particularly pleased by the end of the interview, when I help Lynn overcome what Arnold calls anti-finance bias. Maybe Barry was just doing his job, but I really got the feeling that if he gave me a semester, I could turn him into one of the best economists on the air.

Too bad his opportunity cost is so high!

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Daniel Klein writes:

Byran: Please, never surrender the term "liberal." Never. It may not work to call ourselves liberal, but never surrender it to them.

BTW, I just got back from a week-long seminar in CZ Repub organized by the Liberal Institute. In the heart of Europe, liberal still means liberal.

Thanks, Dan

shamus writes:

Todays's liberals are really socialists, utopians, or communists. Yesterday's liberals are probably closer to today's libertarians.

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