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GenCon ended yesterday, but I've already been scooped by the competition - noted sociologist and legendary Pandaemonium Game Master Fabio Rojas. Don't miss his amusing comparison between GenCon and the American Sociological Association. Highlights:

* ASA: People study socially marginal groups. GenCon: Convention is a socially marginal group.
* ASA: People actively looking for jobs. GenCon: Some folks gave up on the job thing a long time ago…
* ASA: People paid to discuss alternate identities. GenCon: People pay to be the alternate identity.
* ASA: People often disappointed when they end up at the round tables. GenCon: People rush to make the round tables - and all panel proposals accepted!
* ASA: People look at your name tag to see what school you are from. GenCon: People look at your tags to see which Amazonian kingdom you are from.
* ASA: Strange people obssessed with probability distributions and esoteric tables. GenCon: Strange people obssessed with probability distributions and esoteric tables.
For me, the highlight of GenCon was the unexpected appearance of Tyler Cowen. Tyler the character, that is - Fab wrote a scenario involving a remote Indian village where the legendary blogger made a cameo appearance. In contrast, Tyler the person wouldn't be caught dead at GenCon.

P.S. His loss!

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Eric Crampton writes:

Bryan, you can't just throw out a teaser on that scenario without giving more details. Cruel. Horribly cruel.

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