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Today's the release date for Tyler Cowen's Discover Your Inner Economist. You've lost your chances to read the secret blog and get a personal podcast, but at least you can still buy the book! As I've said before, if you like economics, blogging, and/or Tyler, you will probably greatly enjoy this book... even though you still won't know how to motivate your dentist after you finish it.

If you like knowing about the people behind the ideas, Tyler's podcast on what he really thinks about his fellow GMU bloggers will delight you. And while I'm not set up for podcasting, now's the perfect time to return the favor. Yes, here's my answer to the question: "What do I really think about Tyler?"

The verities: Tyler has an astronomical IQ (perhaps even higher than Robin Hanson), overflowing creativity, an obsessive work ethic, an almost perfectly even temperament, and an unbroken record of fair, honest dealing.

The paradoxes: Tyler is...

  • an introvert who's a natural leader
  • the most meritocratic guy I know, though he doesn't believe in merit
  • one of the most intellectually stubborn people I know, despite (because of?) his often promiscuous open-mindedness
  • the giver of the best and worst career advice I've ever gotten (fortunately I know when to listen!)
  • obsessed with the future, despite his lack of interest in reproducing
  • a pragmatist and consequentialist who practices a largely deontological ethic; and
  • my intellectual conscience, despite our ceaseless disagreements.
Oh, did I mention that if I hadn't met Tyler fourteen years ago, it's fairly likely that I wouldn't even be a professor? So he's not just my mentor, but my savior as well. And since Tyler despises sycophancy, that just leaves just one way for us to show our gratitude. You'll feel better if you do - on this point Tyler and I actually agree! (See here and here).

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Jason writes:

Please share the best and worst career tips Tyler offered you.

agent00yak writes:

Your link inspired me to finally get around to ordering his book. Oddly, amazon doesn't seem to have your book in stock (There are used books, but that still seems odd).

Side note: Tyler kind of gave away the link to his secret blog - in a link to a post discussing someone who found it.

In the comment section of the post Tyler linked to someone mentions that the secret blog is linked on Tyler's wikipedia page. So if you are interested in his secret blog - it is in wikipedia. Even if someone manages to keep it off the front page as a mark of respect (doubtful), it will still be in the history section.

Biomed Tim writes:


Not cool.

Tyler Cowen writes:

Thanks for the kind words...But I would bet (!) that Robin would do better on an IQ test than I would.

Eli writes:

Tyler, that wouldn't be an incentive-compatible bet!

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