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Gov is not Great: How Democratic Fundamentalism Poisons Everything

Time to Panic?... Fun History Fact of the Day...

That's an alternate title for my book suggested by Imaginary Politics. I think I would have stuck with The Myth of the Rational Voter, but it's still too bad this wasn't an option in the title contest!

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aaron writes:

Wow! People still don't realize that we have a republican democracy for two reasons:

1. To provide input from the populous.
2. So that representatives can respond to the issues the populous doesn't have time to.

greenpagan writes:

Can't wait for the next Constitutional Convention so we can maybe get a chance to change over to a parliamentary democracy like the rest of Western Civilization.

The "frozen-in-time" republican-democracy you good folk ballyhoo was the American Way of the Life of the slave-holders, the land thieves and the galoots.

(Of course, I'm always open to being persuaded otherwise...)

GOP Mess AmeriKKKa...


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