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The Lifeboat Foundation claims

Cryonics is the high-fidelity preservation of the human body, and particularly the brain, after what we would call death, in anticipation of possible future revival. Cryonics is an important transhumanist technology not only because it is already available today, but because the technology is relatively mature...

...Pretty soon the main obstacle to truly immersive VR will not be the visuals but the haptics — our sense of touch. To fool our senses into believing haptic technologies are conveying the real thing, the "frame rate" needs to be significantly higher than for visual technologies, a few hundred updates per second rather than a few dozen — which is why development could take another decade or two.

and so on. It is a top 10 list of transhumanist technologies.

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Thomas writes:

If you come by the next Dorkbot DC meeting on Sept. 10, you can see my haptic artwork:

We will "touch" between Washington, DC and Toronto, Canada.

Patri Friedman writes:

Note that the lifeboat foundation is headed by Eric Klein, who has a bad reputation, at least according to Jim Davidson, who I believe:

"The main problem was there was going to be a founding conference at Ceaser's Palace, Eric Klein asked people to donate money, got guys like ?Courtney Smith? to put up fifty-thousand dollar loans to be paid back out of the proceeds from the conference, and he was going to sell tickets to the conference. Well he got two hundred and fifty thousand dollars together and he used it to cover all his stock market speculation losses, his picks all went down and he didn't have stop-loss orders, basically gambling stupidly. You can still go to and see his website, but it doesn't represent an active project."

They asked me if I wanted to be on the scientific advisory board b/c of my work on floating cities and I turned them down for this reason.

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