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What's New at GMU Econ

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Since the new academic year is about to start, I thought I'd fill you in on what's new at GMU Econ.

First, the bad news: Some of our experimentalists are leaving, including Nobel prize-winner Vernon Smith.

Second, the good news: Two of the world's best experimentalists - Kevin McCabe and Dan Houser - are staying.

Third, the excellent news: Six outstanding new faculty have joined our department. They are... [drum roll please]

Whenever people ask me about the best three things at GMU, my answer is always "Colleagues, colleagues, colleagues." I'll miss Vernon and company. But all things considered, I'm looking forward to my best year yet.

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The author at De Gustibus Non Est Disputandum in a related article titled Novidades na George Mason University writes:
    A GMU perde o Nobel Vernon Smith, mas ganha historiadores como John Nye. Mais detalhes aqui. Claudio... [Tracked on August 21, 2007 4:00 PM]
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Barkley Rosser writes:

Well, at least Vernon and crew will be around for another year...

Tom S. writes:

Don't forget about Robert Axtell

Barkley Rosser writes:

For that matter there is also Richard Florida, although maybe Bryan and Arnold are not as keen on him.

John writes:

speaking of new, what's this new MA in economics that Dr. Boettke is being offered through the Mercatus Center?

David writes:

not to mention that Garrett Jones is teaching the undergrad Public Choice section, and The Myth of the Rational Voter is among the required readings.

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