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My Mortgage Plan, Continued... Guilty as Charged...

I wrote the cover story for the latest issue of Reason. And once again, I've been blessed with a fantastic cover artist. Here it is:


Pay close attention to the t-shirts.


Left-to-right: anti-market bias, anti-foreign bias, make-work bias, and pessimistic bias. Yes, the four big biases are there in full color. As Cartman says, "Sweet!"

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giovanni writes:

Quit picking on such easy targets.

Overall policies are generally favorable towards free trade and internationalization. Do you fear that this will change?

another bob writes:

OK, Dr. Caplan, I've read your book 'Myth of the Rational Voter' (Great read. My kids loved the cover. Although, when i explained the idea of the book to my ten year-old, she said, "But if the voters won't do what they're told to do by the experts, they're not sheep).

I've also read your plea to allow more immigrants into the U.S. from countries where the voters are less well educated and by all evidence even less economically rational than the current US average.

Whazzupwiddat? Cheaper labor beats even worse government economic policies? Let them in but don't let them vote?

Dan in Euroland writes:


You realize you have an e-stalker? (the word e-stalker is a hyperlink)
Seriously though why do people insist on calling libertarianism right wing? The downsian model is aweful.

8 writes:

Free market=right wing.

emceay writes:

Funny how it seems as though these biases are baseless. Is it really bias when you can't get a decent paying job because companies keep outsourcing your position to other countries for a third of the price? Then, is it also bias when these cheap laborers create products like toothpaste and dog food with poisons? It seems more like the illustrator (or at least the one with the original idea for the illustration) had their own biases.

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