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One of the things about my Masonomics essay is that I did not mention a lot of Mason bloggers. Could you leave comments with your blogs? I want to publish a list, and I'd prefer not to miss any.

I want to include any Masonomists (students or faculty) who write for blogs, as long as the blogs have at least some occasional economic content.

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Andrew writes:

The Tax Policy Blog has a couple Mason authors:

richard writes:

The Pie-Eyed Picayune. I write about a number of different policy issues with some economics content.

Brian Hollar writes:

I'm a grad student here at GMU working on my PhD (economics) and JD (law) degrees in our law and economics program. My blog is Thinking on the Margin:

aje writes:

Jeremy and Jason have a long list at - also, are you counting former GMU students?

Eli writes:

I'm a PhD student at GMU. I blog at:

Brian Hollar writes:

I just put together a list of all the GMU econ bloggers I can think of at Mason Bloggers: The GMU Mafia:

Carl Oberg writes:

I am a MA student at GMU and I blog at Competitive Notes

Andrew Roth writes:

I'm a MA student and I run the Club for Growth's blog:

Kevin Brancato writes:

As a Ph.D. Econ student, I was one of the first Mason-affiliated folks to blog, though I've since stopped blogging almost entirely.

Adam writes:

I'm currently enrolled in Econ classes, and am applying for the Masters program--but I'm not in yet, so I'm not sure that I count.

But my blog has a great deal of posts on economics, and I'll often republish the papers I wrote for my classes there.

Swimmy writes:

I'm a Mason grad, but now I'm trying to get into grad school, so I guess I'll throw this out. I blog very rarely at

I've found that it's difficult to maintain a blog when you know nobody's reading it, but it's also difficult to put up with silly comment wars. Comments are a motivator and a demotivator at the same time.

Ian writes:

I am a current undergraduate and although I have my own blog I wanted to put the link towards The blog is open for any Mason student to submit material to be blogged and also has news on future events or updated news about the society.

Although the officers are undergraduate students, the events are open to anyone as well as sending us posts to put up on the blog.

Gary Shiu writes:

I got my Ph.D from GMU in 1997, I blog together with Wayne Winegarden (GMU Ph.D 1995) at

I am a econ PhD 4th year and blog at

Warren writes:

David and I are two Ph.D. students at Mason and blog at Law, Legislation and Lunacy.

I received an economics PhD from GMU and blog at Knowledge Problem (mostly energy economics and policy, but also other topics) and contribute to Midas Oracle (a group blog on prediction markets).

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