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Some of the Mason bloggers (other than Cowen, Tabarrok, Hanson, Caplan, Kling, Roberts, and Boudreaux):

Faculty bloggers include
Austrian Economists (Boettke, Coyne, Leeson, Sautet).
Adam Smith Lives (Peart)
Neuroeconomics (Saletta)

I am told that some of the Tax Policy bloggers are Masonomists, as is one of the contributors (which one?) to Pie-eyed Picayune.

Alumni include Mike Giberson, at Knowledge Problem and Midas Oracle; Gary Shiu and Wayne Winegarden at Spontaneous Order; another alumnus, "Swimmy," says he blogs occasionally at Sounds Familiar. Kevin Brancato has cut back on his blogging at Truck and Barter.

Bryan Hollar lists some GMU students who blog.

Some others, found on the blogroll at Productivity Shock: Capital Freedom and
Cantillon Paradise (David Skarbek)

Andrew Roth has a gig at Club for Growth.
Adam Gurri, an undergraduate who seems to have decided that he likes economics after taking my course, is at Sophistpundit
Another student mentions GMU econ society.

Have I missed anybody? Misclassified anybody?

Does anybody want to try to organize a "carnival of the Masonomists?" The idea is that every Mason blogger would submit (at most) one of his or her posts each week to the carnival host, who would then compile them and post them on the host's blog. Carnival hosts typically rotate. The idea of such carnivals is to provide some of the lesser-read blogs with a chance to highlight what other people are missing.

My guess is that a carnival is a royal pain to administer. So I'm not volunteering.

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The author at Club for Growth in a related article titled Masonomics Bloggers writes:
    Arnold Kling has compiled a great list of bloggers associated with the economics department at George Mason University, including yours truly. If you want some tasty free market love, those are the blogs to visit.... [Tracked on October 23, 2007 7:24 AM]
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Tyler Cowen writes:

The GMU law bloggers at often cover law and economics...

djconnor writes:

I graduated from GMU in 2003 and have been blogging ever since. While centered with my Masonomist perspective, I dabble beyond the typical realm. Once upon a time my blog was called Effin' Eh. I've since retitled it Beyond the Digital Decks, as a non-sequitor supplement to my podcast mixes.

Blog: Beyond the Digital Decks (aka Effin' Eh)
Podcast: djconnor mixes

Frank writes:

JC Bradbury of Sabernomics is a Mason PhD.

richard writes:

As to the pie-eyed picayune, I am the masonomist contributor. My pen name on my blog is xtrachromosomeconservative.

HispanicPundit writes:

Lets not forget Professor Mark Perry at CARPE DIEM blog...another must read:

Adam writes:

Technically I'm a grad, BA in history--but I'm still taking undergrad classes to get the prerequisites for applying for the MA program in Economics.

...not that it's a big deal :)

aje writes:

i'm now alumni rather than a student

Gary Shiu writes:

Edward Lopez with a Ph.D from GMU blogs at Divison of Labor, and I believe that the gentleman blogging up at Stationary Bandit is also a GMU Ph.D holder.

And more importantly, Xue Zhaofeng, a graduate student from now studying at GMU is spreading the free market learning to China through his blog in Chinese:

Sandeep Prakash writes:

The Poker Club is run by Sandeep and Charlie, both alumni of IHS Koch programs at GMU.

[Link fixed--Econlib Ed.]

Ted Craig writes:

There's even a name for you people:

Barkley Rosser writes:

I thought Neuroeconomics was being done by Kevin McCabe. Maybe he is just a co-blogger there, but Dani Rodrik had him listed as its blogger in his recent study of blogging and academic output.

Does Lynne Kiesling count, she hangs out there some times.

Barkley Rosser writes:

BTW, McCabe came out as the most cited of the entire lot of all you Masonite bloggers.

ralph r. emmers writes:

I feel a bit lame for plugging my blog here, but I blog at another I didn't know there was a blog by GMU guys with the same name, but I suppose having a polycentric system can't be bad.

I'm 2nd year PhD at Mason. I was also part of constrained optimization although we don't blog there anymore really.

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