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The blogosphere has honed your writing skills; now it's time to cash in. Here's two more essay contests to try:

I'd like to see the top prizes go to EconLog readers, so get writing!

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Tim Worstall writes:

Aren't there any of these for slightly older people?
I was hoping for a competition open only to middle aged ex-pat Englishmen, perhaps restricted even further to, say, those whose surnames start with a W....just to give me a realistic chance of winning.

Matt writes:

Free markets make public the aggregate information about ourselves so strangers can make out lives more comfortable. The Arnold Kling version I think.

champthom writes:

I've tried the IHS one before but didn't win or even make the top 20 or so. I thought I did a good job too. The topic was about legislation that intends to promote freedom but actually restricts it, and I talked about the (then popular) topic of increasing the minimum wage to $7 and how it limits the freedom of employers and employees alike.

I may very well try again though, and the APEE contest looks good as well.

Thanks for the heads up, Dr. Caplan!

Pernicious writes:

I'm writing Apee essay, but I don't know how far I'll get. The deadline is in about 5 days and I started today. Lord help me, coz I could use the money.:-)

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