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MIT Guys... Economics vs. Philosophy: What...

EconTalk, the podcasting sister of Econlog run by the noble Russ Roberts, has been nominated for a 2007 Weblog award. Vote here, and may the best podcaster win.

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cameron writes:

I listen to a lot of podcasts. Infact podcasts are quickly becoming my main source of media.

Econtalk really is one of the best. It does a great job of being both accessible and in-depth.

Wonderful job!

Ajay writes:

Wow, EconTalk is second in the voting, according to the results I just saw. I wouldn't have expected an economics podcast like EconTalk to rank so high. Russ does a great job though, he's an excellent interviewer, knowledgeable about the subject at hand, articulates his own viewpoints but doesn't press the interviewee to the point of possible squabbles, lets the interviewee say exactly what they want to say for as long as they want to say it (though for a bad interviewee, he may let them go on for too long. I'm thinking specifically of Allison, who blathered on about the supposedly libertarian policies at his bank). Much better than cafehayek, which last I checked just seems to be a place for him and his co-blogger to reprint their letters to the editors of various newspapers.

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