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Fabio Rojas is looking for:

[Z]ip code level data from 2004/2005 that has:
  • demography: gender, age, race, SES, occupation. Other stuff (like family structure or housing) would be a plus.
  • political behavior: party ID + 2004 presidential vote would be more than enough.
  • “lifestyle” data: consumption habits, to give me a sense of what zip codes are “creative” or “bourgeois” or “working class.” Think Richard Florida.
See here for more details.

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Mason writes:

Talk to someone in the marketing department (find a market research prof.). I know there is a website that has all (maybe not the political part) of that information.

I would say this exemplifies a short coming of our and probably other universities, departments don't communicate with each other enough, especially econ and business at mason.

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