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This is an hour-long video of an announcement at Google of a set of protocols called "Open Social." I cannot vouch for its economic significance. But any business sociologist ought to watch this to see the way these guys talk, the way they dress, etc.

Pointer from Marc Andreessen, one of the speakers. His blog posts offer additional perspective on the substance of the announcement.

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Jeff H. writes:

Eeeesh. A little corny.

Perhaps it's comforting to see that even a "cool" company like Google falls prey to lame gimmicky presentations--trying to marry technology to a smoky campfire is just weird.

And the first fellow needs to work on not sounding like he just read a book on how to give "dynamite" presentations.

Gary Rogers writes:

What do you mean these guys? After all, we cannot all be economists. Had you not mentioned it, I would not even have given a second look to the way anyone in the video talked or dressed. In fact, on giving a second look I don't see anything unusual. How else do you describe new technology?

As far as the content, I think the technology has awesome potential and look forward to trying it out.

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