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of hearing me talk about health care policy? If so, then don't click on the link to this podcast. I elaborate on ideas I wrote about in Government and Health Care: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

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Matt writes:

OK, II will get more homework done in that area. A quick look at your stuff says clinics work, and I have to agree.

Mason writes:

How about a debate between you and Robin on health care. You both and knowledge of, and ideas to improve, the system. How much to do the two fo you agree?

Gary Rogers writes:

Tired of hearing you talk about healthcare? Your ideas on healthcare are what lead me to your blog in the first place! I cannot remember now what it was that I was searching for, but I "Googled" something and ended up here. It is difficult to find anyone else who even comes close to ideas that make as much sense as you do.

Biomed Tim writes:

I'm sure you were joking but please don't ever stop writing about health care policy.

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