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Laika: Best Dog Story Ever Told?

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Laika, a semi-historical graphic novel about the famed canine cosmonaut, may be the best dog story ever told. I was on the verge of tears by the end. As he tells the tale of the first Earthling in space, writer-artist Nick Abadzis reveals the inner workings of the Soviet space program, and the tragic pasts of some of the leading scientists involved. On a more theoretical level, Laika paints a vivid portrait of an economy focused on signaling "progress" to the world via silly prestige projects instead of actually raising living standards.

If you like graphic novels, Soviet history, and/or dog stories, you must read this book.

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Buzzcut writes:

Yes, the Russian space program in the late '50s was quite an amazing thing. Pretty much by the force of will of one man, they did some extraordinary things that, in the end, were just engineered publicity stunts.

Chuck writes:

Yesterday I was listening to a song titled Laika and decided I should google it up to see what it was, which I did.

And then today, this post. Wierd.

Chris Meisenzahl writes:

Thanks for the heads-up. I'll look for it.

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