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The Singapore That Might Have Been... And the Cuba That Should Have Been

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From Singapore's Success by Henri Ghesquiere:

Malaya and the British saw in the union [between Malaysia and Singapore] a way to help Lee, and themselves, prevent Singapore, then a hotbed of communist agitation, from becoming an Asian Cuba.
Talk about a near miss! And yet I'm greedy. No sooner did I feel grateful that the communists failed to strangle the infant Asian Tiger than I felt regret that Cuba failed to become a Latin American Singapore.

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chizzle writes:

Castro's a tyrant, responsible for many deaths and lesser rights-violations.

But haven't you ever seen Buena Vista Social Club? Wouldn't capitalism have razed Cuba's beautiful architecture, introduced vulgar American pop culture, and suffocated all that is sublime and unique about their way of life?

(I concede there'd be less suffering and starvation.)

Alex J. writes:

You might be interested in:Why Havana Had to Die.

Also, your implication that Singapore has had everything sublime and unique about its culture suffocated by capitalism is false. In fact, pretty much all of the culture suffocating that has gone on there was done by its goverment.

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