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Is lack of self-control a problem in your life? Or just a convenient excuse?

If it's the former, is now happy to take your money to solve your problem - whether its losing weight, stopping smoking, exercising regularly, or anything else.

If it's the latter, you'd better start shopping for new convenient excuse!

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Alfred writes:

Self control is synonymous to lack of discipline and discipline is an integral part of succeeding in life. An interesting thing about it is that after a few months of practicing self control, it is no longer a problem. Just visited The Young Entrepreneur Society from, enlightening content available.

David Bluth writes:

The supply of self-improvement opportunities greatly exceeds the demand. This is generally true in the case of books, fitness centers, yoga centers, weight centers, financial well-being, etc. This is of course true until the impact of Oprah Winfey and the power of advertising kicks-in.

Suddendy, everyone needs to be on the diet-zone program or the Dr. Phil's weight success program. The price, suddendy skyrockets and the demand increases substantially of the product high-lighted. None-the-less, the supply curve generally gets steeper and steeper as more products with relatively little demand continue to flood the market.

The big question in the supply and demand curves of self-help, is what will Oprah be focussing on tommorow. Stock-up before she hits the air!

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