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The Bad Old Days of 1994

What a Difference a Month Make... The Red Herring of Principal-A...

If you're a nerd over 30, you'll probably laugh at this. If you're a younger nerd, you had to be there. If you're not a nerd, why are you reading econ blogs on a beautiful Friday afternoon?

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The author at amcgltd in a related article titled ~ Let's See How Far We've Come ~ writes:
    Hard to imagine, but there are high school graduates who will not get one bit of this. Of course, high-tech in 1980 was even more classically silly. Who knows what'll be current when Olivia graduates high school? Via Econlog.... [Tracked on January 21, 2008 2:28 PM]
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Independent George writes:

If you're not a nerd, why are you reading econ blogs on a beautiful Friday afternoon?

Well, I might be a nerd, but that's irrelevent because, with wind chill, it's -10 degrees Fahrenheit outside on this beautiful Friday afternoon.

Josh writes:

Hm, I'm under 21, and this resonates with me. Very funny video.

tim writes:

Ah memories. I was a beta tester for AOL back when it was Quantum and partially owned by Apple. I abandoned it by 1993 after 4 years. While funny I hate to point out one flaw - in 1994 - AOL did not provide access to the "internet." It was a self contained proprietary system. I don't think AOL provided limited internet access until at least 1996 or 7 if even then.

TGGP writes:

I'm a nerd well under 30 and I thought it was funny. I didn't have access to the internet until years later but I knew people who did and their experience seemed similar, though at the time quite cool.

Troy Camplin writes:

Now that would ahve been an annoying show! :-)

Marcus writes:

C00L, M4N. Th4T WuZ T0T4LY L33T!!

Mark Nau writes:

Yeah, there's lot of old 70s and 80s movies where a key point of tension is inability to coordinate and communicate at critical times. Totally incoherent plot point in the age of ubiquitous cell phones.

"Munich" has a good scene that relies on this same plot element.

Rob writes:

[Comment removed for supplying false email address. Email the to request restoring this comment and your posting privileges. A valid email address is required to post comments on EconLog.--Econlib Ed.]

Rob Micensky writes:

I was the only 14 year-old I knew who had his own GeoCities page and could use HTML....

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