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Fun to Read... Two Sentences that Make Strang...

Without peeking at this Washington Post story, try to fill in the blank.

Criticism of creating a new ______ came from all sides. Many Democrats expressed fears that the new body might lead to a sharp increase in frivolous -- and heavily publicized -- allegations...

Republicans, meanwhile, suggested that the ______ would add a new layer of unaccountable bureaucracy...

It is unusual nowadays to see politicians raise sober concerns about a new regulatory proposal. Which industry do you suppose was able to slow the regulatory freight train? Answer below the fold.

"The proposal, months in the making, would create a new Office of Congressional Ethics run by a bipartisan group of six non-lawmakers with the power to review ethics complaints against members and staff"

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Gary Gagliardi writes:

Ethics requires a belief system, i.e., a religion. Politicians oppose ethics committees on the basis of religious freedom. Their right to sacrifice taxpayers on the altar for more power and wealth is constitutionally protected.

Vinny Vidivici writes:

Yes, today's Congress would most certainly use such an institution in precisely the ways described above. They lack the maturity and self-restraint which would be necessary to check abuse.

But give the scoundrels on both sides of the aisle credit for recognizing their inability to control themselves with something like this.

As shame they don't hesitate to impose such unaccountable scandal machinery on the businesses and citizens who pay for their meddling foolishness.

shayne writes:

Not only given the obvious conflict in terms (Congressional Ethics), but also the far larger implications, I'd rather see a new investigative body titled "Office of Congressional Economic Malfeasance".

EN Benjamin writes:

A year ago or so, frustrated with congressional ineptitude and self-interest, I wrote to my Republican senator that I hoped an ethics committee of ordinary taxpayers be forced by the public. I hope this effort gets wide publicity, if only to if that's possible....ha!

Will be interesting to hear from Clinton, McCain, Obama why this is a bad idea.

rgaye writes:
Ethics requires a belief system, i.e., a religion.

Oh, hog wash. Conducting yourself in an ethical manner in your day to day life. Doing the right thing when no one but you knows or will ever know, does require one to have a set of standards that you live your life by. However having ethics (or morals for that matter) does not in any way require one to subscribe to a religion.

TGGP writes:

Did previous ethics committees do any good? Ethics aren't rules/laws, which is what you need if you want to force them to change their behavior.

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