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I plead guilty to plagiarism

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Brian Doherty at Reason Hit and Run set up a thread on the civil disobedience idea. A commenter named Picaro listed videos of some folks who could accuse me of plagiarism. For example, this manicurist.

If nothing else, the video convinced me that the Free State Project has more going for it than just the idea of moving to New Hampshire.

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Rochelle writes:

As a member of the free state project, I agree (and I've been reading your blog for ages, btw, didn't just find it today). The Outlaw Manicurist has been one of the most successful acts of civil disobedience performed by Free Staters. As a result of it, the NH Legislature passed a law decreasing the number of hours necessary to become a cosmetician or barber.
Not all acts of civil disobedience have been successful. Those who disobey by, say, driving without a license usually just end up spending some time in jail while inconveniencing everyone involved without bringing any significant change to driver's licensing.
If civil disobedience is to be successful, it's probably best if it 1) is a one-time (and well publicized) act and 2) concerns an issue people nationally will feel empathy towards those involved.
But, to cut it short: the Free State Project is definitely about more than moving to NH. You can move here, and still not do a damn thing to make the state more free. It's about being active, being involved, having a plan, and following through.

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