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India News reports,

The recent cold wave sweeping across Mumbai and other parts of India could be attributed to global warming, experts said Tuesday here at an environmental conference.

Thanks to Sean Corrigan for the pointer.

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Franklin Harris writes:

If there is anything that prevents me from fully joining the global warming "consensus," it's the fact that global warming has gone from being a scientific hypothesis to being untestable pseudoscience. There is, apparently, no evidence that the scientific "consensus" would possibly ever deem as falsifying the man-made-global-warming hypothesis. In fact, the best indication of that is the rhetorical trick the consensus has already pulled: switching from talking about "global warming" to talking about "climate change." How could anyone ever falsify climate change?

Gary Rogers writes:

The article also implies that global warming has polluted seventy percent of the water bodies in India. It's time to start worrying.

Josh writes:

Penn of Penn and Teller said it best on global warming - if something explains everything, then it explains nothing.

Ryan Fazio writes:

I saw the same list and i wrote a post on it here

This example, as well as many others, demonstrates a sort of tunnel vision among the global warming crowd which leads them to not only exaggerate their claims but also tie them to anything in sight.

Here are some of my favorite "things caused by global warming":

rape, suicide, teen drinking, terrorism, child insomnia, less circumcision, polar bear cannibalism, poisonous spiders invading Scotland, rainfall increase, rainfall decrease, more colorful trees, less colorful trees, taller mountains, smaller mountains, and, best of all, another ice age.
manuelg writes:

Quoting from the article:

> Kruti Parekh, India's first test tube baby and youngest magician presented a magic show to spread awareness about global warming.

Methinks this article may not represent the very best scholarship on the consequences of global warming.

Eric H writes:

Tsk, tsk, tsk, whatever became of gay marriage as the explanation? For everything bad that is. You hardly ever (read: absolutely never) see a headline that says, "Global warming suspected as cause for increased crop production in Canada."

[Comment edited.--Econlib Ed.]

roulette strategy writes:

The authorities are way too slow to act on global warming. They need to institute an immediate plan to at the very least plant more trees. This will fix a lot of things.

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