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The Masonomics Fab Four

Kotlikoff on the Fair Tax... Cuba and Capitalist Contagion...

Bryan, Robin, Alex, and Tyler:

Lots more pix here. Taken to accompany an article in Doublethink that should be online soon. Note that Bryan is in his classroom teaching uniform.

Recall that in Masonomics I made the Beatles comparison.

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Ironman writes:

Good thing there's a crosswalk there - otherwise another pop-culture image might apply....

Rue Des Quatre Vents writes:


David N. Welton writes:

Why did the economist cross the road?

AMW writes:

Reverse Tabarrok's and Cowen's order and you'd have a perfect "Evolution of Man" poster.

Ironman writes:

AMW: That depends on your view of evolution - if you think it looks more like this, rather than the link I posted here earlier, then maybe it's not so far off!

Or, we could just call it the grad-school student to full professor phase of the evolutionary cycle....

FC writes:

Robin is dead.

(Until the Singularity.)

Mace writes:

I think you guys at George Mason Econ need to release an album next. Then there's the t-shirts, coffee mugs, and t-shirts. I'd buy them all.

BGC writes:

Robin Hanson is the most relaxed in front of the camera and Tyler Cowen the least.

If camera-relaxedness was plotted against writing fluency there would be a significant reverse correlation!

But is it causal?

Steve Y. writes:

Without your identification I would have guessed that the order L to R was: tenured prof, non-tenured associate, TA, blogger (wearing his dress-up clothes).

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