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What Looks Good at This Year's Public Choice Meetings

Who Will Be Less Bad for Trade... Podcasting is so 2005...

Thursday through Sunday, I'll be at the 2008 Public Choice meetings for the first time since I became a dad. Reviewing the schedule, here's what stands out to me:

  • Mitchell, Matt — Justices, Presidents and Nominations: A Public Choice Model of Supreme Court Nominations
  • Ryan, Matt E. and Russell S. Sobel — Wrongful Convictions, District Attorneys and Elections
  • Jones, Garett — Cognitive Skills and Economic Institutions
  • Belova, Eugenia and Paul Gregory — “Hang Them All”: Political Economy of Crime and Punishment under Stalin
  • Carden, Art — Did Jim Crow Lead the Mob? Institutions, Violence, and Wages, 1882–1930
  • Berggren, Niclas — Choosing One’s Own Informal Institutions: On Hayek’s Critique of Keynes’s Immoralism
  • Laband, David N., Ram Pandit, Anne M. Laband, and John P. Sophocleus — Patriotism, Pigskins, and Politics: An Empirical Examination of Expressive Behavior and Voting
  • Lawson, Robert A. and J. R. Clark — Examining the Hayek-Friedman Hypothesis on Economic and Political Freedom
  • Randall G. Holcombe — Presidential Address - Why Does Government Produce National Defense?
  • Dean, Andrea and Peter T. Leeson — The Domino Theory: An Empirical Investigation
If you're attending, please introduce yourself - you're sure to find me at Friday's plenary session. And if you think the perfect way to complete a day of nerdy seminars is a evening of nerdy gaming, email me!

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BWV writes:

Will all these papers be published at some point?

Bryan Caplan writes:

Probably not! Most of them are just working papers, some of which will probably be abandoned or repeatedly rejected.

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