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Econ Prof Lead Character in New Movie

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The most fascinating characters in the world are econ profs, but you'd never guess this from watching feature films. So on one level I'm happy to see that The Visitor, which arrives in theaters tomorrow, dares to make its protagonist a member of this remarkable occupation.

Judging from the trailer, the movie is nothing special, but perhaps it's paving the way for a runaway success for the forthcoming Freakonomics movie.

It could happen!

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Franklin Harris writes:

Judging from the trailer, it seems the protagonist doesn't find economics to be a particularly fulfilling profession. He seems a rather dismal scientist until he takes up the bongos. Still, world music fan that I am, I can see that.

ricardo writes:

James Coburn in "The Internecine Project" is an econ professor, I think; he's at least an economist of some sort. He's also a former spy who has just been offered a plum government job.

However, before he can take the job he needs to kills some people who know too much about his past. His approach is to try to get them to kill each other. Very game-theoretic...

Roehl Briones writes:

The father of Lorenzo of "Lorenzo's Oil" was (is?) a World Bank economist (though his brainwave there was in the field of biochemistry!) Played by Nick Nolte.

Koen Deconinck writes:

Strictly speaking he is a mathematician, but: "A Beautiful Mind", anyone?

Blackadder writes:

The trailer opens with the Econ Prof character saying "I haven't done any real work in a very long time."

Maybe he's been reading this blog.

Marcus writes:

Look at who they have lined up to do the Freakonomics movie: Morgan Spurlock (Super Size Me), Alex Gibney (Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room), and Eugene Jarecki (Why We Fight).

Maybe they'll get Michael Moore in there too and interviews with Krugman.

Doubt it'll have anything related to Masonomics. That's the movie I want to see.

John Fast writes:

IIUC the movie is pro-immigration, perhaps even pro-illegal-immigration, and against bigoted nativism. So it should work against at least one of the four prejudices Caplan identified.

Matt Wells writes:

I find the trailers pretty funny actually. The economics prof seems to be a little bored with his life. It also seems to be another lame movie that economic freaks will either love or hate it.

Brent Wheeler writes:

Get Henry Spearman of Marshall Jevons fame on the screen I say.... far and away the most plausible guy this side of Russ Robert's star crossed econ teacher.

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