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Admittedly I'm a sucker for a period piece, but World War I dogfight drama Flyboys has the most exciting aerial combat scenes I have ever seen. See it - it's way better that you'd expect.

P.S. Get ready for the hundredth anniversary of World War I - it's only six years away!

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Dave Tufte writes:

Bryan: you are or were a gamer, right?

Have you ever seen a game called Ace of Aces?

It might offer you a similar experience in a table game environment. Great for kids too ...

You can find them on E-Bay. Here's the wikipedia page:

Jim Gannon writes:


I agree. I watched it with low expectations and the acting lived down to my expectations. But the aerial footage was wonderful. It gives you a great sense of how dangerous is was flying these light construction early planes even before people start shooting at you.

Ross Levatter writes:

It's really amazing when you think about it. It was a completely different world, less than a century ago. Of course, many would point to the vast technological changes, the information world, the way we are all portably and wirelessly networked to each other 24/7. Things virtually unimaginable (and likely literally unimagined) in 1908.

But many a libertarian thinks instead (or in addition) to a world where currently illicit drugs, including morphine and cocaine, could be ordered by mail without a doctor's prescription, or simply downed in a soda picked up at the corner store. An era of rising rather than falling expectations.

A time of dramatic immigration.

Most importantly, an era of astounding peace, with most citizens blithely unaware of the secret treaties between various great powers that were even 6 years before already pushing the world to war.

A time when one could think the government wasn't supposed to pay for your healthcare and wasn't supposed to force you to save for your retirement without being viewed as a neanderthal antisocial kook. Far from it. A time when, though still a government monopoly, the school system was run at the local level, and parents actually had some substantive input.

A time when it was unconstitutional to establish an income tax.

A time when essentially ALL people had no trouble understanding that the 2nd amendment couldn't possibly be anything other than an individual right.

A time when there was general agreement that it would only lead to trouble if America intervened in foreign quarrels.

Less than a century ago. More than a universe away.

Dennis Mangan writes:

Flyboys stunk. My review here.

John Fast writes:

I strongly second the recommendation for Ace of Aces.

Have you ever seen either The Blue Max or Wings? (By "Wings" I mean the film which won the first Academy Award for Best Picture, not the 1990's television series, which was still pretty good. Nor yet the band...)

Rue Des Quatre Vents writes:

Bryan, I think you'd really enjoy Child 44 by Tom Rob Smith.

Just out this week--It's a captivating murder mystery set in Stalinist Russia.

Rue Des Quatre Vents writes:

I gave it a try, but this movie was not good.

Come on, a pet lion!

Daniel Klein writes:

Check the Eroll Flynn movie Dawn Patrol.

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