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Wilkinson and Shirky

Do I Step on Libertarian Toes?... Stepping on Will's Toes...

Want to see two bright, good-looking guys discuss economics and media? Then watch the latest episode of Free Will, with Will Wilkinson interviewing Clay Shirky. The topic is one of my favorites, and these are two of my favorite thinkers.

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Ajay writes:

Just watched the interview on your recommendation, though I invariably find Shirky to be someone who either states the obvious or is dead wrong about what he writes about. I found his speaking style fairly annoying but thankfully he mostly stuck to stating the obvious until the end, when he blundered by implying that linux and wikipedia are either non-communistic or somehow sustainable regardless. I believe events will prove that both are unsustainable because they follow the communist model and thus will fail for the same reasons, the tragedy of the commons and a lack of property rights.

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