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Will Goolsbee Last?

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I don't know how I got on Hillary's emailing list, but it's not without some entertainment value. It looks like she's trying to get Austan Goolsbee fired for privately avowing what I've called "felicitous hypocrisy" about NAFTA.

Will Hillary succeed in getting Goolsbee's head on a plate? If Obama gives in, will it raise the chance that both Democrats take more than token action against NAFTA if elected? Bets?

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Floccina writes:

I will bet that there is nothing to worry about because they are only lying. After all they only need to give the appearance of being slightly more anti-trade than the republicans. Since they are democrats most people will assume that they are less free trade than the republicans even if they do nothing.

Gary Rogers writes:

They can trade plates. Hillary gets Goolsbe and Barack gets Mark Penn.

Chris Baecker writes:

It seems as if George Will is also trying to get Goolsbee fired. Just yesterday he wrote his 2nd piece (that I know of) citing how Goolsbee's beliefs (high marginal tax rates are like "taxing higher education", NAFTA has caused only minor job dislocation, etc.) don't exactly comport with leftist economic views. When I say beliefs, I mean them as they have been arrived at based on evidence, something to which leftys are more than occasionally averse.

Blackadder writes:

I guess my question is, if Goolsbee goes, will libertarians cool on Obama?

jk writes:

I don't know when or if Goolsbee will be dropped, but he lost his profile with the campaign right after the Canadian contretemps. He's not being quoted, he's not appearing on Kudlow & Co. -- they have really thrown him under the bus.

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