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Tradition of Liberty: Advanced Studies Seminar

The Cynical Case for the Gas T... Biggs on Bracket Creep...

There are actually a couple spots left at the IHS seminar I'll be doing this summer. Email John Thrasher (jthrashe at directly if you want in. My topics:

  • The Myth of the Rational Voter
  • Public Choice and Public Goods
  • The Case Against Education
  • Discrimination and the Market

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Floccina writes:

The Case Against Education

I think that it would better worded:

"The Case Against School"

Brian Schwartz writes:

Sounds like a great seminar. And congrats on your article in the NY Times!

Concern: My understanding is that having one's e-mail addresses on a web site (unencrypted) is the number one way to attract spammers. Reference .

[Thanks for your concern, Brian. I've modified the email address to be a little less obvious.--Econlib Ed.]

Bill Stepp writes:

The case against education? Education is simply the process of learning, which hopefully is a life-long venture done outside the purview of the State, as Rothbard pointed out in "Education, Free and Compulsory."
Don't you mean the case against public schooling?

JH writes:

I'd be interested to see the angle in "The Case Against Education." Does Bryan have some note sheets available on the subject?

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