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What I'm Going to Do on My Summer Vacation

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1. I'll be in Europe for the first time since 2001 for Jon Elster's conference on "Collective Wisdom: Principles and Mechanisms" at the Collège de France in Paris. (It's open to the public, but space is limited). My wife and I will arrive a week early to tour through Alsace-Lorraine, the Black Forest, northern Switzerland, and Burgundy.

2. I'll be in Chicago to lecture for IHS's "The Tradition of Liberty: Advanced Studies" seminar (July 5-11). Sorry, this one's fully booked.

3. I'll be having Capla-Con 2008 on July 12-13 at my house in Oakton, VA. Email me if you'd like an invite to my favorite mini-gaming convention.

4. I'll be lecturing at FEE's "Young Scholars' Colloquium" in Irvington-on-Hudson, New York (July 14-18). They'll be taking applications until June 22.

5. I'll be in Indianapolis for GenCon, August 13-17. I'm running two role-playing games; last time I checked, they each had one free slot left.

6. I'll be in Boston on the last weekend of August to catch part of the APSA meetings, then attend the Critical Review Conference on Public Ignorance on August 31st (open to APSA members).

It's always a pleasure to meet EconLog readers, so don't be shy.

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Gizmo writes:

The Elster's conference is open to the public subject to welcoming capacities.

Bryan Caplan writes:

Thanks, Gizmo.

Finja writes:

when you're in the black forest, make sure to visit Freiburg, it's an adorable town (with a great university, by the way, that i happen to attend)

Jeff H. writes:

"When are you going to be in Germany?"

asks another reader in Germany.

Finja writes:

actually, i made up my mind about it... if you happen to come to freiburg, please let me know, i'd really like to meet you (if you are at all interested in meeting a 20-something-undergrad-student).

Marc A Cohen writes:

I live and work in Worcester, MA - about 40 miles West of Boston. I don't know how long you plan on being in the area, but I'd be thrilled to meet you. I've followed both you and Arnold for a while, and read both of your most recent books.
Alternatively, if you don't think you'll have the time or inclination to meet, I would still be more than happy to steer you towards better local restaurants and less "touristy" local sites.

Dain writes:

I would LOVE to hear about your experiences at the Critical Review Conference if you feel the urge to relay them.

Sounds like a fun lineup.

Jerg writes:

It would be interesting to hear if your trip to europe changed your image of the european standard of living. I think you talked about that topic once in a "econ talk". Of course, visiting the black forrest, you might get the wrong impression of the German level of industrialization. ;-) But it's really nice for vacation, especially as mentioned above in Freiburg.

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