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Best Movie About Communist Romania Ever

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All the hype about the Romanian movie 4 Months, 3 Weeks, 2 Days is true. It's an amazing period piece about the last years of its Communist dictatorship. It's a vivid illustration of the effects of prohibition on quality. And it's the most moving story about abortion I've ever seen. I almost cried.

P.S. Don't miss the DVD's interview with the director. He's the smartest Romanian I've ever listened to - and I know a lot of Romanians.

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How do you get it? Rent it? Netflix?

Dain writes:

It's on Netflix:

Unit writes:

How realistic is it that the friend would go that far for her room-mate?

ibrian caramidaru writes:

Well what's the relevance of the topic of the movie for debating communism in Romania? I admit there are some facts well emphasized like the drama produced by the state inflicted with strictly personal choice, but this aspect alone cannot make it the best movie about...What might be the criteria for stating that a movie could be the best...? I'm an economist and I did not put down my professional lenses when watching it, I'm a Romanian...but I sincerely cannot find some common ground when it comes to qualifying this movie as such...

shecky writes:

Is there another movie about communist Romania?

Sorge L. Diaz writes:

You find a story about OBTAINING an abortion moving?

That's how you know I can never, ever, be a libertarian.

mensarefugee writes:

Libertarians come in all shapes, sizes, and flavours :)

If you think the movie is glorifying abortion you clearly missed the point.

Sorge L. Diaz writes:

Mr. Porter:

No, I don't think the movie glorifies abortion. But I do notice that the only thing about Communist Romania that receives criticism in some quarters is its no-abortion policy.

I may still miss the point--I haven't seen the movie, after all.

I'm with Sorge. No, the movie's purpose is not to advocate for abortion but to demonstrate isolation and oppression. But the choice of abortion as an illustration makes it a subtheme.

Yes, there are many flavors of libertarian, all of them insisting that they are the Real Deal.

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