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Fight Democratic Fundamentalism: Pre-Order The Myth of the Rational Voter In Paperback

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If your willingness to pay for my book is greater than $13.99 and less than $19.77, you'll be pleased to learn that you can now pre-order the paperback edition for $14.00. This edition has a new intro where I briefly respond to some of my critics, including Christopher Hayes, the Economist, and Daniel Casse.

The official release date is August 21 - just in time to give copies to every annoying democratic fundamentalist you know. :-)

P.S. There actually is a non-ironic Democratic Fundamentalism website. Oy gewalt!

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Rue Des Quatre Vents writes:


I've been trying to convince everyone I know not to vote. This is not going over well. Arguments have escalated. Friends have written hostile emails. What is to be done?

Should I persist in trying to persuade others that they shouldn't vote?

When I question people's competence, they go out of their way to prove their competence. So vehement is their opposition to that threat, they devote even more time to learning about their candidate's positions and thus become even more entrenched.

I'm not sure attacking democratic fundamentalism head on is the best strategy for weakening it.

N. writes:

Two 'gewalts' in one day, Bryan? I tell you, my heart can't take it!

Trent McBride writes:

Maybe this question is poor form, but is there a way for us who pre-ordered your hardback (for something more than $14) last year to be able to read the new intro?

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