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U.S. States and Five-Factor Personalities

Bryan Takes Over the Treasury... My Most Incorrect Belief...

Razib has the story.

I do want to note the correlations between Openness and the following metrics on the state level:

% Arts and entertainment = 0.23
% Computer and mathematical = 0.24
Patent production per capita = 0.28

Of all the blogs that I read, Gene Expression probably has the largest number of interesting posts that I don't link to. You should subscribe to it, so that I feel less guilty.

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Utilitarian writes:

Could you explain why you feel guilty about it? (I subscribe)

Arnold Kling writes:

I feel guilty about not citing the blog more often. If you subscribe, then I don't have to worry so much.

razib writes:

no worries arnold; as long as the GMU econ dept. knows about the blog, your work is done.

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