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Anti-Democratic Lunch with Me

Difficult Facts About Housing... How to Kill Drug Development...

Reader George Paci suggested that I attempt to convene a lunch where locals can join me in batting around ideas, or I suppose just bat me around. Fellow DC-area bloggers as well as readers are welcome to attend.

In the spirit of opposition to democracy, I will organize this event by fiat.

1. Monday, November 10, one PM.

2. Lebanese Taverna, downtown Silver Spring, about 3 blocks from the Metro, and close to garage parking. Convenient for District and Maryland residents. For Virginians, not so much, although y'all are more than welcome. Maybe Bryan will be moved to try something similar on that side of the Potomac.

If you plan to be there, leave a comment. "Maybe" does not count. If you're a maybe, bookmark this page and come back when you are sure.

By the way, this competes with a Cato lunch featuring Michele Boldrin on intellectual property, which might be a better event to attend. Full disclosure.

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Doug McNamara writes:

I'll be there. Thanks for organizing this!

George Paci writes:

I'll obviously be there. I'm really looking forward to it.

There are a lot of Lebanese Taverna locations; the Silver Spring web page is here:

Eddy Elfenbein writes:

One question: Will the government be picking up the tab? As I see it, the Lebanese Taverna is too big to fail.

Mr. Econotarian writes:

If you add videoconferencing, I'd be there!

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