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Howard Stern Gets Hansonian

Questions I Would Like to See ... Bank Telethon...
Robin Hanson tells us that politics isn't about policy. I think he exaggerates, but in the interest of fair disclosure, here's an amusing Howard Stern clip to back Robin up.

HT: Mark Steckbeck

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The author at The Distributed Republic in a related article titled Rational Voters writes:
    Bryan Caplan links to a brilliant clip from Howard Stern's show of interviews with Obama supporters asking them what they like best about him. [Tracked on October 14, 2008 1:05 AM]
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Robin Hanson writes:

Some precious "gotcha" moments there, caught on tape. :)

Andrew Maier writes:

I'd be pretty interested to see what results he would get by not selecting for race. If ended up getting equally ignorant responses from white people in other parts of the city or in other cities, I would not be surprised.

Ian writes:

Bryan, you say that people vote for policies hoping to make their country better, but are mistaken about which policies will do the job. Thus, if the uninformed were prevented from voting, policies would be better.

But I wonder why informed people would be likely to vote to improve their country, rather than voting randomly or however feels good. A small probability of affecting the outcome suggests that informed people will vote just as carelessly as the uninformed.

In The Myth of the Rational Voter, your evidence for voters' good intentions is that men are more pro-choice than women, the elderly are slightly less supportive of Social Security and Medicare than the rest of the population, and people in non-farm states vote for farm subsidies.

Do you have any more convincing evidence?

JSBolton writes:

"the success of a con man augments his panic" Ayn Rand-----this is what I think is to destroy the Obama candidacy. The further the divergence between what he is pretended to be and the truth, the worse the stress and panic for him. The attention of all the world must make it so much worse. He appears so calm, even somnolent and unfeeling, which, for an admitted dope user, indicates heavy dope use appearing as the quote would lead one to expect.

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