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What Next?... Channel Charles Murray...
The parody of John Stossel "Should Some People Not Vote?" has five times the Youtube count as the original.  Why am I not surprised?

P.S. I wish I was as persuasive as the guy who's supposed to be me...

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Daniel Klein writes:


By dwelling on the possibility I think they advance critical thinking. Congrats to you and to Stossel.

Gary Rogers writes:

I think there is also a case to be made for the conflict of interest when a voter is paid by the government. If the voter works for the government, he or she should be under the direction of the citizens, not directing them, and therefore would be ineligible to vote. If the voter is supported by welfare they should not be able to vote themself more welfare. I would, of course, not include Social Security because Social Security is financed by its recipients through involuntary confiscation of income. SS benefits are no more than getting back a portion of the the legitimately earned income confiscated in prior years. You do not need to be a taxpayer to vote, but if you are a net recipient of taxpayer money, you have an inherent conflict of interest when it comes time to vote.

I say this tongue in cheek, but there has to be a way to prevent politicians from buying votes with someone elses money, especially my money.

the0ther writes:

things seem so screwed up right now, i'm ready to just go ahead and say let's implement moldbug's american king restoration and put some selection of doctors and pilots in positions of power. just hit the reset button.

Swimmy writes:

It's kind of an unfortunate parody. Stossel's piece did focus too much on the youngsters, and the truth that the video points out is that many older citizens are just as uninformed. Your analysis is still correct, however; it doesn't follow that everyone should vote, it follows that it may be lots of older citizen's duty to not vote as well.

Isak writes:

And I thought parodies supposed to be witty and funny.

mensarefugee writes:

Barring special interest cases, older voters always are more knowledgeable than younger voters.

By concentrating on the fact that so many older voters are totally ignorant, the second video sidesteps the also very real fact that those same voters would even more ignorant when young.

This should be a comparison between young and old, not an absolute summary of either.

We really should raise the voting age.

Sheldon Richman writes:

Which one was you?

Ted Craig writes:

I agree that the parody actually just reinforces the idea that most people shouldn't vote.

Bryan Caplan writes:
Sheldon Richman writes:

Which one was you?

The guy who quipped that the elderly are bad drivers. :-)

JWB writes:

All federal and state employees should be unable to vote until they all take at least a 25% pay cut and this includes Senators and congresspersons as well as Pentagon employees.

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