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Next Saturday, November 22, I will be giving two talks at the 18th Annual Freedom Seminar in Portland, Oregon. My two talks are titled, "The Case for Free Trade and Against Barrierism" and "The Paulson Bailout: Bush's Road to Serfdom." The other presenter is economist/historian Jeff Hummel, whose two talks are "Why Fractional Reserve Banking is More Libertarian than the Gold Standard" and "The Non-Recession of 2008: An Overblown Crisis and Unnecessary Bailout."

Students may apply for zero-price admission.

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Gary Rogers writes:

Instead of the Paulson bailout, I have been using the term "Paulson Panic." It has a nice ring and king Henry deserves all the negative publicity he can get for such a hair-brained and poorly executed scheme.

RL writes:

Also, instead of "Bush's Road to Serfdom" I think "Bush's Super Highway to Serfdom" is more up to date and better describes the speed with which we're moving...

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