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Spotted on the Walls of the Singapore Civil Service College Conference Room

Democracy in Singapore: How Is... Becker Embraces Unhappiness Re...
An Ode to Speakers Corner (mocking the regulation of their public speakers' forum), Ode to Romancing Singapore (mocking the government's natalist campaign), and this cartoon mocking the government's use of security cameras:

csc2.jpgI've seen lots of political satire on professors' doors in American colleges.  But can you imagine this sort of thing at a training center for American bureaucrats?

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Bob Knaus writes:

When I was a contractor at the Turkey Point Nuclear Plant Training Center years ago, a popular post on the employee lunchroom bulletin boards was the old Far Side cartoon of the chubby schoolboy pushing as hard as he could to get in the schoolhouse door marked "Out".

Of course, the schoolhouse sign had been modified to say "PTN Training" and the boy's notebook was labeled "Nuclear Plant Operator".

Kurbla writes:

This cartoon doesn't mock the government's use of security cameras. It mocks excessive use of any (public or private) security cameras - see "Your neighborhood DVD pirate now have movies of you."

Alex J. writes:

Did they still have "Singapore: A Fine City" T-shirts for sale?

Dr. T writes:

"But can you imagine this sort of thing at a training center for American bureaucrats?"

Yes, for the 30 seconds before a manager spots it.

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