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After my my previous post  on John Bruer's The Myth of the First Three Years, I sent him the following email:
Hi John, I just blogged *The Myth of the First Three Years*, and my readers were interested in knowing your thoughts about the last decade of brain science.  In the original text, you wrote:
[T]he more I read, the more puzzled I became. For the previous eighteen years, at three private foundations, I had been following research and awarding grants in education, cognitive psychology, and neuroscience. All during that time, I was wondering when I would begin to see credible research that linked brain science with problems and issues in child development and education. I was puzzled because, despite what the headlines proclaimed and the articles stated, I had not yet seen any such research.
Does the last decade's worth of research make you want to modify this statement?  Or is it as true today as ever?  Even a short answer I could share with my readers would be great.
Bruer's out of the country, so he might provide a longer answer later.  But he did satisfy my request for a short answer: No - what he originally wrote still stands.

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Marcus writes:

Which question did he answer?

Bryan Caplan writes:

Thanks for pointing out the ambiguity, Marcus. From context, it's pretty clear that he's saying that the last decade's worth of research hasn't required him to modify his statement.

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