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I will miss Doris "Tanta" Dungey

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The New York Times offers an obituary. Until I read it, I did not realize that Bill McBride, not Tanta, was the main blogger at Calculated Risk.

In July, I made extensive comments on one of her posts. She had an unusual combination of mortgage domain expertise and expressive wit. I am sorry that we never met. She still had a lot to teach the rest of us. I will miss her.

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Dan Weber writes:

This sucks. I was wondering why she had stopped writing recently. I'm glad she had the holiday to be with her family.

Here's one of my recent favorites I got from reading through her archives a few weeks ago:

All this had to be done in less than 48 hours, because somebody had already made a commitment to settle tens of millions of dollars and there were some Extremely Unhappy People on both sides of that trade who really really wished that this Tanta person punk had just ignored this problem and certified the pool. One vice president of my client who had had to drag the secretary of the board off the golf course on a sunny Saturday afternoon was good enough to tell me just exactly how unlikely I was to ever get work in this town again.

John Turner writes:

She epitomized the “geeks” you like to reference. RIP Tanta.

HARM writes:

Aside from being a super brilliant mortgage "geek", Tanta also epitomized honesty and integrity for me. She will be missed.

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