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Out of all the Structural Libertarians named in my last post, there is one counter-example to my claim that "It's policy all the way down": Patri Friedman's "seasteading" proposal.  The whole point of seasteading is to get outside of existing jurisdictions, then create new institutions.  Whatever else you think about seasteading, it does bypass the problem of changing either structure or policy in existing societies.

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Patri Friedman writes:

Thanks for the acknowledgement! I'll be speaking at GMU on April 8th, in case you (or anyone else) want to discuss these ideas & issues in person.

Seasteading is a long shot, but I think it is something like a 1 in 10 long shot, whereas electing Ron Paul, or converting the US populace to libertarianism (or even a decent grasp of economics), or taking over New Hampshire and seceding, are more like 1 in a billion.

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