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Here's an announcement from the Naval Postgraduate School, where I teach. Bottom line: it live streams this afternoon. The times are PDT. It will go in the order below; I will be last. Each of us will present for 15 to 20 minutes. Even though the focus is on the financial crisis, I will be speaking a bit about fiscal policy.

A panel discussion on "The Financial Crises: Policies and Prognoses" will be held from 1500-1700 in the ME Auditorium on Monday, 26 Jan 09. All faculty, staff, and students are invited to attend. For more information, please see the announcement.

The recent financial crisis has stemmed from a variety of causes and has led to far-reaching policy intervention. A panel of faculty from the Graduate School of Business and Public Policy will examine the causes of the crises, the policy responses and their results, as well as provide predictions for the shape of things to come. The participants in the panel are Dr. Nayantara Hensel, Assistant Professor of Finance and Economics, Dr. Dick Doyle, Associate Professor of Budgeting, and Dr. David Henderson, Associate Professor of Economics. The panelists will provide their perspectives, as well as take questions from the audience. Please also see announcement at: http://intranet.nps.edu/announcements/documents/TheFinancialCrisis.pdf.

The Financial Crisis: Policies and Prognoses
Monday, January 26, 1500, PST, ME Auditorium Three GSBPP Professors will provide their perspectives on the current economic crisis. Live streamed, click on http://www.nps.edu/technology/video/index.asp and "see it live". Link will be active 30 minutes prior to the actual event.

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adkim writes:

Excellent analysis on our country's financial situation. It was very captivating and depressing all at once. Most important was that it was very informative and the impact of the information could go a long way if the (average) American public was made aware of this.

"The Financial Crisis" panel should be done monthly/quarterly (and replace SGL's for NPS students) and live streamed to C-SPAN!

I look forward to seeing this available for download on the NPS website so I can forward to friends and family.


Gary Baumgarten writes:

We'll be discussing the global financial crisis on News Talk Online on Paltalk.com at 5 PM New York time Monday February 2.

Please go to http://www.garybaumgarten.com and click on the Join The Chat button to participate in the conversation.



FoeseHelp writes:

Interesting and educational, but would be suffering with something more on this topic?

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