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I was interviewed this afternoon by ABC-TV for Good Morning America. It will play tomorrow (Saturday) morning. Check your local listings.

The issue was the "stimulus" package. I found the questions unusually good. We'll see what gets used.

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David R. Henderson writes:

If you missed me on ABC, you didn't miss much. Out of a 15-minute interview, they used under 15 seconds. Dan Mitchell of Cato did a good job, though, and they used more of that interview.

RL writes:

I understand your experience is the rule, not the exception. The good news would be if the 15 seconds they used did not distort the underlying point of the 15 minutes you gave them.

David R. Henderson writes:

Thanks, RL. They didn't distort. They used one line: "There's nothing wrong with doing nothing." I do better with local TV, but that shouldn't be surprising. The interviewer, though, John Hendren, was really good. When I would give an answer, he would ask a follow-up question that someone who's thinking about the issue would ask. I find that rare, even on national TV. My past experience is O'Reilly, Jim Lehrer Newshour, and NPR.

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