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If Russ Roberts Was a Journalist, I Might Read Newspapers

The Remote Control Puzzle... Regulatory Arbitrage...
When Russ Roberts rewrites some typically hysterical economic reporting, it's a thing of beauty.  But I still prefer his regular blogging. :-)

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Paul G writes:

If I were an English teacher, I would scold you for verb's mood confusion.

(Apparently I'm doing it anyway).

Brandon Robison writes:

Hey Professor Caplan,

The subjunctive mood in English grammar *is* a dying art form, but most sticklers still agree it is technically correct.

The title for this blog post should have been "If Russ Roberts Were a Journalist..."

Read more on the subjunctive on wiki:

guthrie writes:

Brilliant! I agree he needs to do this more often...

Lorraine writes:

Totally agree, he would certainly make newspapers more entertaining! Love his blogging too.

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