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The next John Stossel ("Bailouts, Big Spending, and Bull," Friday at 10 on 20/20) is going to be a tour de force.  Not only will you get to see me with big hair and big beard, you'll also learn about private roads, and get the chance to compare and contrast Ms. American't (Barbara Ehrenreich of Nickel and Dimed) and Mr. American (Adam Shephard of Scratch Beginnings). 

I still don't know if Stossel will air anything I said, but if you watch the promo video, you can spot me in the back row.  My best line, whether or not they use it, was roughly, "Something hasn't worked.  Let's give nothing a chance."

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Blackadder writes:

That's a lot of economists.

Mike writes:

That's a great line! A perfect sound bite for the depression era.

Patrick writes:

That's a lot of beard.

Artturi Björk writes:

That line is brilliant. Well done!

Patri Friedman writes:

One thing I find interesting is the different approach of Ehrenreich and Shephard. Ehrenreich set out to endure life with a low-wage job. Shephard set out to do as well as he could, starting with no material possessions. Just think about the difference in psychology there, both in conceiving of the project, and what it would feel like to implement. To endure is misery. To strive to do as well as you can, that is a joyous life.

guthrie writes:

Good show! Too bad they didn't use your line!

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