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Alas, none of my words made the final Stossel clip on the bailout, but my colleague Pete Leeson and GMU alumna Lydia Ortega get good lines in.  Next time, maybe I'll get a haircut and see if that helps. :-)

P.S. Stossel's interview with Adam Shephard has pushed Scratch Beginnings up to #143 on Amazon.  Congratulations, Adam, you'll go far.  Oh wait, you already have...

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RL writes:

The more interesting question is whether the story on medical marijuana 10 days before sentencing will lead to the fed to back down or to an Obama pardon. This was truly outrageous.

Trent McBride writes:

Agreed, RL.

In all honesty, the first segment was the weakest part of the whole show. Names of those speaking would have been nice. Secondly, I'm no Keynesian, but I think there is just a little more nuance than what was argued by the panel.

RL writes:

I agree with Trent that the economic segment could have been stronger. A few seconds with one of the 3 Nobelists might have been nice. Or an economist elaborating on Higgs' point that we've already "stimulated" the economy on the order of the entire cost of WWII. Damning quantifications, dropped in an instant, go a long way on television.

Of course, it would have been strengthened dramatically had Stossel simply handled Bryan the mic...:-)

AWHogan writes:

Anybody have a link to the second segment, on private roads?

shecky writes:

Stossel is such a cheesy player. I thought the bailout, road to nowhere, and free pre-k segments were pretty weak. Do they really need to waste airtime of Stossel yelling through a megaphone on the capital steps (to nobody, it seemed) or standing behind a pile of money tossing bills in the air? 20/20 has always been prone to crappy theatrics, which does nothing for the show's credibility. The bad fences and land of opportunity segments were probably the strongest of the bunch.

link to all segments:

Richard Garner writes:

I agree that the economics section was too hasty (Stossel's previous special, on government failure, was better), and that is a pity, because it was the only originaal aspect, really. Aside from a few confrontations, most of the work, and material, for this episode had already been produced by Reason.TV, so I had already seen it. I suppose he helps in bringing it to the attention of those that may not visist Reason.TV, and may also create publicity for them.

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